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Concrete & Metallic Structures

Concrete & Metallic Structures

Corrosion Control Services on concrete buildings, piers, bridges and other structures.

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Cathodic Protection for Institutions

Southern Cathodic Protection Company engineers have developed cost effective corrosion mitigation programs for universities, hospitals, prisons and other institutions. Among the facilities where corrosion preventative measures can significantly reduce maintenance and replacement costs are:

  • Steel reinforced concrete parking garages, stadiums, ramps and elevated sidewalks
  • Buried steam, water and condensate lines for heating and cooling
  • Water storage tanks and piping including fire protection systems
  • Buried natural gas, electric and telephone lines
  • Underground fuel storage tanks
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Shoreline Structures

Cathodic Protection for Offshore and Seaside Structures

Saltwater creates an extremely harsh environment challenging the corrosion engineer's innovation. Southern Cathodic Protection Company specialists have extensive experience insuring the productive life of a wide variety of structures subject to the ravages of the sea. Selection of construction materials and coatings are as critical as the cathodic protection systems designed for marine applications. Our design and installation services include systems for the following:

  • Docks & mooring facilities
  • Offshore drilling & production platforms
  • Subsea pipelines
  • Seaside retaining walls and piling
  • Mothballed ships
  • Navigation direction signals
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Industrial Facilities

Cathodic Protection for Industrial Facilities

Industrial Plants

The annual cost of corrosion damage in the United States exceeds 230 billion dollars. Anyone responsible for maintaining production facilities at a large industrial plant is familiar with the cost of corrosion. The capital investment in structures exposed to corrosion makes preventative maintenance an economic necessity. Southern Cathodic Protection Company engineers are frequently called upon to evaluate the condition of metallic structures at locations being considered for purchase. The projected life expectancies of these structures can have significant impact on the value of the plant.

Cathodic protection for petroleum facilities
Petroleum & natural gas facilities

Southern Cathodic Protection Company engineers have designed corrosion control systems for all types of pipelines, production, gathering and storage facilities found in the oil and gas industries. We have perfected techniques for performing

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Cathodic Protection for Concrete Structures

Southern Cathodic Protection Company provides corrosion engineering and installation services for application of either galvanic or impressed current cathodic protection systems on concrete structures. Each type of cathodic protection system is a low cost, long-term, solution that effectively protects concrete structures against damage caused by corrosion of reinforcing steel.

Both systems provide a low cost, long-term, cathodic protection solution that effectively protects concrete structures against damage caused by corrosion of reinforcing steel. For more information, visit the Concrete part of our web site.

Cathodic Protection for a Balcony

Cracking and spalling of a balcony can be caused by corrosion of reinforcing steel in the concrete. When salt or other impurities infiltrates the concrete, it becomes contaminated and a low resistance electrolyte for corrosion to begin on the steel rebar. By-products of this electrochemical

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