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Cathodic Protection for Concrete Structures

Southern Cathodic Protection Company provides corrosion engineering and installation services for application of either galvanic or impressed current cathodic protection systems on concrete structures. Each type of cathodic protection system is a low cost, long-term, solution that effectively protects concrete structures against damage caused by corrosion of reinforcing steel.

Both systems provide a low cost, long-term, cathodic protection solution that effectively protects concrete structures against damage caused by corrosion of reinforcing steel. For more information, visit the Concrete part of our web site.

Cathodic Protection for a Balcony

Cracking and spalling of a balcony can be caused by corrosion of reinforcing steel in the concrete. When salt or other impurities infiltrates the concrete, it becomes contaminated and a low resistance electrolyte for corrosion to begin on the steel rebar. By-products of this electrochemical process take up as much as ten times the space used by the original rebar. Pressure created inside the concrete causes the concrete to crack or spall.

Just as cathodic protection can mitigate corrosion of steel in soil or water, it can also inhibit corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete balconies. If corrosion of reinforcing steel is prevented by cathodic protection, the concrete cracking and spalling due to corrosion will cease.

Common construction practices treat the symptom by repairing damaged concrete without eliminating the cause of the concrete damage. Typical repair of damaged concrete involves removing the damaged concrete, "chasing" the rebar, and patching the damaged area with new concrete. The electrochemical differences created in the repair process may accelerate corrosion and cause further concrete damage in a short period of time. Cathodic protection systems have been installed on many condominium projects in Florida to prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete. Cathodic protection eliminates the corrosion which causes the concrete to crack and spall.

For information on the design and installation of cathodic protection systems please contact us. Our experienced corrosion engineers will be happy to address any questions you may have about this process. All work performed by Southern Cathodic Protection Company is done under the supervision of a registered professional engineer who is certified as a corrosion specialist by NACE International.

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