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Cathodic Protection for Water Towers & Water Facilities

Cathodic Protection for Water Storage Tanks

Cathodic protection is a standard, cost-effective, accepted method to prevent corrosion of the submerged surface inside steel water storage tanks. Cathodic protection systems for water storage tanks are almost always impressed current systems. Technical and economic reasons dictate that galvanic anodes almost never be used to protect a water storage tank.

Design Considerations

Design of a cathodic protection system for a steel water storage tank is normally controlled by the following four considerations.

  • Current Requirements for Protection
  • Water Resistivity
  • Geometry of Structure
  • Anode Service Life

If anode design provides a uniform distribution of current, then the current requirement for protection of a water storage tank is calculated by multiplying total surface area by a predetermined current density. Although many factors can influence current density, the

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