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An Introduction to Corrosion

Corrosion is an electrochemical reaction based on universal laws of nature. All metallic structures corrode. It is just a question of how quickly.

Steel, for example, is a man made substance produced from iron oxide. The energy added in the refining process is unstable. Given a suitable environment, steel will release this energy and return to its natural state of iron ore. When immersed in an electrolyte, such as soil, water, or concrete, metals produce a current which causes ions to leave their surface. The rate of current flow determines the life of the structure. One ampere of current consumes approximately 20 pounds of iron per year.

The job of the corrosion engineer is to slow down or halt this process. Included in the techniques available are material selection, coatings, inhibitors and cathodic protection.

The area of metal where current is discharged and corrosion occurs is called anodic relative to the cathodic or noncorroding areas. By

Pipeline operators located in the United States who operate cased pipelines can now benefit from the robotic cased pipeline inspection services of ULC Robotics combined with the corrosion engineering expertise of Southern Cathodic Protection Company. Working together, ULC and SCPC will be performing inspection of cased pipeline to gather critical visual and sensor data.

Southern Cathodic Protection Company, located in Atlanta, GA, with a satellite office in Apopka, FL, has signed on as the regional sales representative of ULC’s Cased Pipeline Inspection services. Through SCPC, cased pipeline inspection services are available in Alabama, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas,  Florida and West Virginia.Since 1979, Southern Cathodic Protection Company has been working with a wide range of oil and gas companies, utilities, government agencies, pipeline companies and storage facilities to provide

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